Option 1. Sell your property with the tenant in place

Sell your rental property with your tenant in place and earn rental income right up until completion.

To us, selling a property with the tenant in situ is a no-brainer.


  • the landlord will receive rent up to the day of completion
  • the tenant can remain in their home
  • the buyer will benefit from income from day one of ownership.

Selling Process

We’re making selling your buy-to-let with as smooth as possible from listing to sale, but to do so we’ll need a little more information about the property than you’d provide if selling your own home.

This information might not be to hand instantly but it’s important you provide us with as much as possible, which will allow us to market your property in the best light.

Unlike selling to owner occupiers this won’t just be location and images but also include tenancy contracts and financial information to prove why it’s a sound investment for the next investor.

Alongside the normal property and compliance information we’ll also ask for;


Tenancy and financial information


Tenancy contacts e.g. AST


Access and viewing arrangements


If you would like us to organise the marketing information (e.g. photos),  we will need access early in the process to do so. Otherwise most investors will look at the financial return first and foremost and may make an offer without viewing the property but we find at some point during the process potential owners like to see it in person.


Organising access with tenants at home differs to selling your own home because arranging access with multiple parties involved can take longer. We’re well versed in doing this and informing us of everyone involved up front really helps everything run smoother.


Keep in mind the fastest and most efficient way we can arrange access is directly with the tenant, explaining this to them upfront and them consenting to us contact them will cut down on the hassle later. The more people involved in the process the longer it generally takes to arrange access.


To help you explain this to the tenant we also have a guide outlining what they should expect.

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